We thank all the generous support to date that has allowed us to purchase three public access external automatic defibrillator boxes (AEDs) for the local community for all to use. One is located at KB tyres, another at the community center and one more at Standon village hall. All boxes require a short combination lock code to access which will be given when calling 999 and quoting the unique box code and postcode to the operator which is displayed on the box. The operator will also need to know the details of the call and address so an ambulance can attend.

How do I access the box to obtain the AED?

Call 999 and explain you need the AED from the box, you will then be asked to quote the unique box ID code and postcode, they will then tell you the code to enter, enter the code then turn the lock and you have the AED. The postcode and ID is on the front door of the box. The operate will also need to know the details of the call and address so an ambulance can attend.

What do I do with the AED afterwards?

The AED will be collected by a member of the emergency services at the end of the call or by a first responder. If necessary please contact us on our number for collection.

Do I need AED training to use the AEDs in the boxes?

Not at all, the AED will give voice commands when turned on and directions of pad placements will be on the AED itself and will light up. The AED will give you instructions and prompt you to shock if required. Please note, the AED will not shock patient if it detects a heart beat. 

Who can I contact to report damages on the box?

Our AED boxes are checked weekly, however in the event of vandalism or tampering please contact us on 07734 705422 or email us at: standonandpuckeridge.cfr@gmail.com. We ask all villagers to be our eyes and ears.

Will there be any more AED boxes placed around Standon and Puckeridge?

We do not have any current plans for further boxes in Standon and Puckeridge, however we are working with local villages such as Braughing and Collier's End to help them provide their villages with an AED box.

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